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China's pillow, cushion products testing indicators and requirements

China's pillow, cushion products testing indicators and requirements


Pillows and cushions are the main beddings that affect people's sleep comfort. Pillow products are items that are sewn into the fabric and filled with fillers that can be worn under the head or used as a decoration. Pillow products according to specifications can be divided into single pillow, double pillow, pillow, etc.; according to the filling points can be divided into chaff pillows, buckwheat, tea, duck down pillow, wool pillow, hollow fiber pillow, inflatable pillow, etc.; The functions can be divided into pillows, plush toy pillows, health-care pillows, medicine pillows, anti-bacterial pillows, and massage pillows.
Pillow and cushion products mainly adopt the FZ/T 62009-2003 “Pillow and Mat Products” standard, which is applicable to various pillow and cushion products with textile fibers as the main raw material. Mattress products currently do not have industry standards. Pillow and cushion core products can be used to implement FZ/T81005-2006 "quilted products" standard (when applicable).
In FZ/T 62009—2003 “Pillow and Mat Products” standard, the quality of the examination of pillows and cushions is divided into internal quality and appearance quality. Appearance quality includes size deviation, weft slant, color flower, color difference, appearance defects, pattern quality, sewing needle quality, quilting quality, embroidery quality and sewing quality. The products are divided into superior products, first-class products and qualified products. The grade of the product is assessed by the combination of internal quality and appearance quality, and the lowest one is assessed. The intrinsic quality of the product is based on criticism, etc. The appearance quality is evaluated by parts. The intrinsic quality indicators for pillows and cushions are shown in Table 7.
Table 7 Intrinsic Quality Assessment Indicators for "Pillow and Mat Products" and Requirements for Appraisal Projects (First Class)
1 Filler quality deviation ratio ≥ -5.0
2 Fiber content deviation/% Fabric fills ±10.0 according to FZ/T 01053
3 fabric breaking strength/N ≥250
4 Washing size change rate /% +2.0 to -4.0
Light fastness/level ≥ 4
Wash fastness/level change ≥3-4, stained ≥3-4
5 color fastness to dry cleaning fastness/level discoloration ≥ 3-4, stained ≥ 3-4
Perspiration fastness/level discoloration≥3-4, stained ≥3-4
Anti-friction color fastness/level dry friction ≥3-4, wet friction ≥3
Note: 1, pillow, pad products only 1, 2 items,
2. 2 to 5 items for pillows and cushions
3, pillow, pad all assessment.

"Pillow, cushion products" superior products need to increase the pilling of the assessment of fabrics, requirements for pilling ≥ 4, according to GB/T4802.2 standards implementation, with TWC-W1 SM50 worsted fabric (glossy) photo rating. The standard also stipulates that buttons, zippers, and other accessories suitable for all fabrics should be used. Accessories should not be deformed or discolored after washing. The products should also comply with GB 18401-2003 "National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products" and GB 5296.4-1998 "Guidelines for the Use of Textiles and Apparel Consumer Products", and GB 18383-2001 "General Technical Requirements for Fiber-Sheet Fibre Products" and other relevant compulsory standards for textile products. Claim. Special requirements are implemented according to the contractual agreement of both parties.

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