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What is the right size for the bedside rug?

What is the right size for the bedside rug?


The carpeting in the bedroom has been accepted by many people. Bedroom carpets are more functional, such as the convenience of getting out of bed, especially the distance between bed and bedroom furniture. People generally like to walk barefoot, so bedroom blankets are very popular. . In addition, to make this bedside carpet and the entire bedroom tune, in addition to color and pattern, the most important thing is the size of the carpet. This also just reflects the role of carpets in the coordination of the overall effect of the room.
Select the size of the bedside rug:
Bedside carpets are generally laid on the side of the bed or headboard. The length of the carpet is recommended to be laid to the foot of the bed or 2-5cm from the foot of the bed, with any width. If you choose

The choice is a small piece of carpet, usually placed on the side of the bed, this is a small piece of carpet, mainly play a decorative role. Placement effect can refer to bedside

Blanket renderings.
The size of the bedside rug can be arbitrary, and a reasonable size should be reasonably selected according to the size of the room and the effect it wants to achieve. Many carpets are now customisable, so as long as they meet the needs of interior design, the size of the bedside carpet can be arbitrary, not specified, the general common length is 140 percent

Why should I put a carpet on the bed?
1, the role of decoration: with the bedroom decoration style, select the pattern, color, texture, coordination of the carpet, enhance the warmth and luxury.
2, to facilitate the living: people get up and feel comfortable on the carpet after the foot, when changing clothes, clothes and pants will not wipe the ground. If you consider the convenience of cleaning later, you should use chemical fiber.
Summary: Small rooms, some people prefer to leave the exposed area of the area of about 2 meters 4 carpets. For larger rooms, some people give comparison carpets

The area was exposed, and some people said that it would be better to walk around the bed with a width of 60cm. The look and feel of what goes best for you.
Why bedside carpets can be divided into two kinds of bedroom carpets: one is full of bedroom carpets, the other is a smaller decorative carpet. in case

The bedroom is airtight and the outdoor environment is good, with less dust. You can choose to spread the bedroom carpet. On the one hand, you can increase the comfort of the bedroom. The carpet is a kind of

High-grade interior decoration materials, large-scale laying can improve the quality of home decoration. If the interior furnishings are relatively simple and lack decorative, but do not like the bedroom carpet full of shops, then a small decorative carpet is a good choice, placed on the edge of the bed, coordinating the warm atmosphere of the indoor space, and easy to take care of. There are a wide variety of bedroom carpets to choose from. When choosing, try to choose some natural materials for bedroom carpets. Pure cotton, hemp, pure wool, etc., bedroom carpets of this type of material have good characteristics, and the foot and comfort are better than those of chemical fiber materials, even in the dry season, it will not produce static electricity.
Although the natural material of the carpet is not as good as the chemical fiber carpet in terms of wear resistance, the bedroom, after all, is different from the living room, entrance and other places where usage is very frequent, so it is not very demanding in this regard.
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